Step 1: Discovery Meeting
Everyone has a unique financial position and we all have different goals. Our initial meeting provides an opportunity to get to know you, identify both your concerns and objectives, listen to what you are looking for in an advisor, and help determine if we are a good solution for you.

Step 2: Tax Review and Analysis
Up-to-date tax-saving expertise ensures compliance and sound financial strategies to meet your objectives.

Step 3: Financial Planning Process
Our team carefully reviews the information that you have provided. From here we will prepare a comprehensive financial plan, including assets, liabilities, insurance, taxes, trusts and estate plans. Most importantly we want to identify your goals, objectives, and any obstacles that may get in the way.

Step 4: Presentation of the Financial Plan
This meeting allows us to share with you our observations about your current financial picture. It is through this careful analysis that we help you identify both the strengths and weakness of your financial picture, as well as a careful analysis of your current portfolio.

Step 5: Implementation of the Recommendations
Simply identifying the issues that may prevent you from reaching your goals will not help you achieve them. Putting in place a well thought out plan of action will.

Step 6: Monitoring the Plan
Monitoring the plan on a regular basis allows us to adjust to inevitable shifts in the market, as well as respond to changes in your personal life, be it work, family, health, changes in income needs, or those curve balls that life inevitably tosses our way.